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Concord, NC

Welcome to Branchview Dental Care in Concord, NC, where we recognize the significant impact a bright, beautiful smile can have on your confidence and quality of life. Our cosmetic dentistry services are designed not just to enhance the aesthetics of your smile but to elevate your self-esteem and empower you in every area of life. To ensure you feel confident in your journey with us, we offer complimentary cosmetic consultations, providing a personalized approach to meet your unique needs and expectations. With our state-of-the-art facility and a team committed to excellence and personalized care, we ensure your path to the smile of your dreams is seamless, effective, and uniquely yours.

Our extensive range of cosmetic dental services caters to various needs, from brightening your smile to correcting imperfections or achieving a dramatic transformation. If you want to discuss achieving your dream smile, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us. Call today!

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a highly versatile and effective method for correcting various cosmetic issues, including chips, cracks, gaps, or discoloration. This procedure involves the application of a tooth-colored composite resin that is meticulously shaped and polished to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth. The process is straightforward, typically completed in just one visit, making it an ideal solution for those seeking immediate improvements without extensive dental work. Dental bonding is minimally invasive and cost-effective, offering an accessible way to enhance your smile’s aesthetic appeal without the need for more complex procedures.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is a revolutionary in-office treatment, designed for those looking to achieve a significantly brighter smile in a short amount of time. This advanced whitening system uses a powerful, yet gentle, whitening gel activated by a special LED light to lift stains and discoloration from your teeth. The procedure is fast and efficient and can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in just one appointment. It’s the perfect choice for busy individuals or anyone looking to dramatically improve their smile’s brightness ahead of a special event or occasion.

At-Home Whitening Trays

For our patients who prefer the convenience of whitening their teeth on their own schedule, Branchview Dental Care offers custom at-home whitening trays. These trays are specifically designed to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring an even and effective application of our professional-grade whitening gel. This method allows you to achieve stunning whitening results at your convenience, with the ability to control the brightness level over time. Our at-home whitening trays provide a comfortable, safe, and efficient way to attain a dazzling smile from the comfort of your home.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers represent a state-of-the-art solution for transforming your smile. These custom-made, thin shells are carefully bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth, instantly concealing a wide range of cosmetic imperfections such as gaps, chips, uneven shapes, or severe discoloration. Porcelain veneers are crafted from high-quality materials that emulate the translucency and texture of natural tooth enamel, ensuring your smile looks naturally beautiful and remains resilient against staining. With proper care, veneers provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing enhancement, making them an excellent investment in your smile’s future.


Lumineers offer a minimally invasive alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. These ultra-thin veneers provide a way to dramatically transform your smile without the need for tooth reduction typically associated with conventional veneers. Lumineers are about as thin as a contact lens, allowing them to be applied seamlessly over your existing teeth, preserving more of your natural tooth structure. Despite their thinness, Lumineers are remarkably durable and resist wear and discoloration, making them an ideal choice for patients seeking significant cosmetic improvement with minimal invasiveness.

Your Path To A Radiant Smile

At Branchview Dental Care, we are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the radiant, confident smile you’ve always desired. Leveraging the latest in cosmetic dentistry techniques and technology, we ensure top-tier results for every patient. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s dental aspirations, we commit to delivering personalized care and creating customized treatment plans just for you. 

To help you take the first step with confidence, we offer complimentary cosmetic consultations, allowing you to explore your options without any commitment. Reach out to our office today to discover how our cosmetic dentistry services can revolutionize your smile and elevate your confidence.

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